Jack Warner and Mohamed bin Hammam suspended by Fifa

Mohamed bin Hammam and Jack Warner were both provisionally suspended by Fifa yesterday, after an ethics committee meeting on corruption allegations. Sepp Blatter meanwhile, has been found to have no case to answer.

After that somewhat eyebrow-raising decision the organisation will now open a full investigation into allegations that members of the Caribbean Football Union were offered bribes by Warner and bin Hammam. Blatter is now completely clear to run unopposed in the Fifa presidential elections, which secretary general Jerome Valcke confirmed would take place on Wednesday unless three-quarters of the 208 delegates voted to change the agenda

‘I am not Fifa, I can't change the agenda,’ Valcke said. ‘It is up to the delegates - they have the final say.

‘I don't see what is wrong with this election with Mr Sepp Blatter. I think the most important thing is a commitment from all the members of the Fifa ExCo with the president to support a change within Fifa and in his last mandate make sure that Fifa is stronger and cleaner than it was.

‘Maybe we can have the top guys around the world come to put things in place to stop these things from happening again.’

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