Jack of all trades

Fabio Capello has said that Arsenal youngster Jack Wilshere will play a key role in England’s future and intends to build the side around him in midfield, in which he will play a role not dissimilar to Claude Makelele for Chelsea, Real Madrid and France.

Despite him only being 19 years old the England manager is convinced that he has an immediate future in international football, and will make his debut alongside Frank Lampard against Demark tonight. Although given that he hasn’t managed to find anyone who can play that role yet, it could be a sign of desperation. Check out the thinly-veiled insult directed at his players’ lack of intelligence, too.

‘Even in five months he's improved a lot,’ said Capello. ‘Now he needs to gain experience in big games, like in the Champions League and in the matches against the other four [title contenders] in England. That will give him an important experience. But he's 19. I remember the best players that I managed – Baresi, Maldini, Raúl – and they started really young. It's their talent. You have to wait now and let him improve more.

‘I've spoken with Arsène Wenger about Wilshere's position. When he started out he preferred to be an attacking midfielder but he can play in this role. I've used the example of a Claude Makelele but I remember (Andrea) Pirlo started playing just behind a forward player but then moved back to play in front of the back four. An intelligent player can play anywhere. We don't have England players who can play in this position like him.’ (Hint for the slow: that was the insult.)

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