It's WAR

England captain Andrew Strauss has declared war of those evil Aussies ahead of England jetting off to take them on in the latest Ashes instalment.

Strauss and his team are looking to retain the Ashes and win in Australia for the first time in 23 years, and reverse the trend of a rather depressing set of statistics: England have only won three of the 26 matches they have played Down Under, and last time out they were thrashed 5-0.

‘Until the end of that fifth Test there are two sides at war with each other,’ said Strauss. ‘And both sides know that at the end of the series there are 11 guys who are going to be feted as heroes and 11 guys that are going to have failed their task.

‘We are out there to win. Simple. That is our goal. Everything we have done, every decision we have made up till now has been about us winning this Ashes series. Every decision we make from now on will be about us winning this Ashes series as well. None of us want to have any regrets at the end of it.

‘You are only remembered if you win. And that is what we are out there to do.’

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