It's over

Andrew Flintoff has announced that he will be retiring from Test cricket at the end of the Ashes. The news will come to no surprise to those who have followed his injury-blighted career, especially after his latest injury setback which is putting his series in doubt.

‘My body has told me it's time to stop,’ he said. ‘Since 2005 I've had two years when I've done nothing but rehab from one injury or another. It's been something I've been thinking about for a while, and I think this last problem I've had with my knee has confirmed to me that the time is now right.

‘I've been through four ankle operations, I had knee surgery just a couple of months ago and had three jabs in my knee on Monday just to get me right for this Test so I took that as my body telling me that I can't cope with the rigours of Test cricket.’

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