It's ours to lose

England once again took the game to the Australians in the first day of the final Ashes test, bowling out their top order and keeping them on the back foot. It looks like England will win the test and the series.

Tim Bresnan took two of the four wickets in this morning’s play – including Michael Clarke’s – and with the Aussies on 134-4 he and England have a lot to be happy about. They will no doubt be hoping for another small first innings total to beat.

‘It's a good day for us - we were looking to have a bowl,’ said Bresnan. ‘We can only see the pitch getting better from now. It needs a lot of sun to break up and looking at the forecast I don't think it's going to get it.

‘You get your rewards for persistently knocking out lengths and that's what we did. Shane Watson [who hit 45] played the new ball magnificently, he left the ball really well, but he came out after lunch playing a few more shots. It gave us more of a chance and eventually he nicked off.

‘As I said at Melbourne, I play better under the pump, I think it brings the best out in me.’

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