It's on!

After all the big talk, the insults, the slings and arrows, it’s finally done: David Haye and Vladimir Klitschko will fight for their world titles on 2 July in Hamburg.

Klitschko’s manager Bernd Boente confirmed the fight as going ahead, saying it was ‘100 per cent’ confirmed, and that it will take place in the Imtech Arena in Hamburg, a 57,000-capacity venue.

‘The fight will be 2 July in Hamburg. It is confirmed 100 per cent,’ said Boente. ‘We had different options and held negotiations in other countries. Switzerland was in play, Ukraine and different options in Germany.

‘But it was always the case that Adam Booth (Haye's manager) and myself discussed all these things such as the different business options on the table, as partners, and then made the decision together yesterday (Tuesday) that we'd go to Hamburg.’

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