It's not safe

Three English athletes, including two of the country’s biggest medal hopes – Olympic 400m champion Christine Ohuruogu and triple-jumper Phillips Idowuhave pulled out of this year’s Commonwealth Games in Delhi, with Idowu making it clear that it was fears for his safety that prompted the decision.

The news comes after it was revealed yesterday that the Games could be called, as athletes complained about the ‘shocking’ state of the athletes village. Idowu said that it was the poor preparations and the 23 injuries caused by a bridge collapsing that convinced him he should stay at home, a decision that has led to fans asking him to ‘toughen up’

‘Sorry people, but I have children to think about,’ he said on Twitter. ‘My safety is more important to them than a medal. I understand people will be disappointed that I will not be competing. I am disappointed.

‘If you know me as an athlete you will know these games mean a lot to me. It's the champs in which I won my 1st medal. And four years ago won my 1st gold, which kicked off the success I have in my career to date. All the press today about bridges collapsing and 23+ people being hurt, floods and unhabitable [sic] living conditions, getting my daughter ready for school this morning and seeing all of that put me off. I can't afford to risk my safety in the slightest.’

‘So statements like toughen up, I'm toughening up, was a tough choice to make but I made it for my children.’

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