It's not fair

Arsenal scraped past struggling Everton 2-1 at the Emirates last night, keeping themselves five points behind the apparently invincible leaders Manchester United, and another five points in front of current champs Chelsea.

However Gunners boss Arsene Wenger spent as much of his post-match interviews complaining about Chelsea spending money to buy players as he did on his team’s performance, or the appalling refereeing that led to Everton’s goal.

‘Chelsea supported Uefa’s financial fair-play proposals but in the morning they announced a £70m loss and in the afternoon they buy £75m worth of players. Where's the logic in that?’ Wenger said, sitting atop of a huge pile of cash he’s saving for a rainy day. ‘It's hard to guess. Officially they vote for financial fair play but they can explain why they have done this much better than I can.

‘He (Abramovich) can tell you why but that's how you can read it from the outside. If you don't invest for a while, it looks as if you're not as involved in it any more. That he doesn't like it as much. But £75m means more will come.

‘Abramovich was a bit in no man's land where nobody could guess if he wanted to still invest or not. He has been like that for a long time but that has changed. He has decided to put big money in again and that tells you in the summer more will come. He is back to full investment.’

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