It's not about the money

Owen Coyle has lifted the lid on why he left Burnley (stabbed them in the back, if you will, or even left them in the lurch), the club that gave him his reputation as a good young manager to take up the vacant post at Bolton Wanderers. Suffice to say it has very little to do with money and everything to do with ‘potential’, ‘big ground’, ‘infrastructure’ and all that jazz.

‘This is an unbelievable challenge,’ Coyle said to The Guardian. ‘But it was a big wrench to leave Turf Moor. Of course I am excited but the emotional attachment I feel for Burnley has made it a difficult decision. (so difficult he said nothing once the rumours came out and jumped ship at the soonest possible opportunity – Ed.) With finance so tight, we all pulled together and achieved promotion. But there was a choice to be made about whether we carried on as were doing or maybe invested £30m to establish the club. That wasn't possible. The level of finance Burnley were at, it was always going to be difficult and you risk sliding down the leagues. I think Burnley will stay up but I was trying to move things quicker than the finance would dictate.

‘There's an unbelievable stadium here (The Reebok in Bolton, which is rubbish anyway - Ed), and the infrastructure is all in place – the academy and training centre. Everything is geared for top-flight football and it is my job to ensure it.

‘I was never motivated by personal finances myself. If it was about wages I would have taken the job at Celtic in the summer. I poured my heart and soul into that job and we left no stone unturned to get where we did.

‘My motivation is the magnificent challenge. I want to be involved at the highest level and that's the Premier League. As a boyhood Celtic fan I turned down that job to stay here. The best individual players are in the Premier League and you want to go and compete against the best in the business. I want Bolton to play in a manner to win points and entertain the fans.’

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