It's like the end of Scolari's reign

Frank Lampard has admitted that he and the rest of the players don’t know when Chelsea’s poor run of form is going to end, and likened it to the end of Phil Scolari’s reign a couple of years back.

The remarks will probably send Chelsea’s media department into a spin, and no doubt worry Carlo Ancelotti, who will most likely not want to be compared to a manager who was a total flop and sacked mid-season.

‘At the moment, there's a bit of a feeling that we're not sure what's going to happen when we go out there,’ said the England midfielder. ‘The end of Scolari's reign was a bit like this. You lose the feeling of being able to win every week.

‘Once you've had that and lose it, it's hard to get it back. If we're honest we all think that. That's just the way it is. You can't help that. It won't change anyone's determination to want to win but you can't help but feel it as we haven't been winning.

‘We need to work in the same direction, follow the manager and, if we do, I believe it will turn. If we don't, it won't. This is a bad moment, make no mistake about it. We don't have to hide it any more. It has been a long enough time.’

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