It's getting ugly

As we said yesterday, when Liverpool announced that they were to be sold to NESV, the owners of the Boston Red Sox baseball team, it looks like there is going to be an almighty fight over the sale which will probably go to court.

Tom Hicks and George Gillett are adamant that they won’t allow the sale to go through, but chairman Martin Broughton, who was brought in to help sell Liverpool, in April, says he has acted within the club’s own constitution and that they will be seeking a legal judgement that will force the sale to NESV. The club could do with a speedy resolution too – they have until next Friday to pay back £237million in debt to the Royal Bank of Scotland.

‘We will be seeking a declaratory judgment to say we acted within our rights,’ said Broughton. ‘George and Tom had recognised the only way of moving forward was selling the entire club, and that if they alone said that is what they were going to do it would not have any credibility because they no longer had any credibility. They agreed to appoint an independent chairman to add credibility to the process. I was not prepared to be their patsy, adding credibility to a process that did not have it. They gave those written undertakings and on Tuesday they flagrantly abused those undertakings.

‘I think it's (the boardroom battle, in which yesterday they tried to sack directors and replace them with Hick's son and his assisttn Lori Kay McCutcheon) rather sad. Their legacy by any stretch of the imagination was never going to be good. This was the one final opportunity where they could walk away with their heads held high, saying to the Liverpool fans: 'We said we would deliver you the right owners, we have, and we did it at great personal cost.' But they chose, effectively, in my view, to suffer the great personal cost and walk away humiliated as a result. That's their choice and I think it's a pity.’

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