It's a special feeling

Yes, we’re going to talk a bit more about England’s triumph in the second test of The Ashes, which has enriched the souls of every living Englishmen – especially those who have to live in south west London.

Kevin Pietersen has spoken about his joy at being the man of the match, a fully deserved accolade given his stonking double century and his taking of the crucial wicket of Michael Clarke at the end of the fourth day, and KP says that after what happened four years ago (England were humiliated in Oz) it’s a great feeling.

‘The best feeling is walking into the dressing room having won this Test match,’ he said. ‘Four years ago was a very, very horrible dressing room to walk into, a very quiet dressing room, a very negative dressing room and not as united as the dressing room is at the moment.

‘The feeling walking into the dressing room now is a very special feeling. Individual performances add to a team victory, and I think the team victory today is incredible. That's the best feeling, no matter who takes the wickets or gets the runs. A Test victory in Australia is a great feeling but we're not going to get complacent because as soon as complacency sets in, it bites you.’

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