It's a f*** up

Few things are as funny as when a big sports star lets his lips run a bit loose and says something that the chaps in charge of the show won’t like. Usually it doesn’t result in anything more than a slap on the wrist and a false apology from the player, but it gives us a giggle in the process.

So step forward Kevin Pieterson, who reacted to his being dropped from the England squad for the upcoming Twenty20 and one-day internationals against Pakistan with an angry Tweet that read: ‘Yep. Done for rest of summer!! Man of the World Cup T20 and dropped from the T20 side too. Its (sic) a fuck up!! Surrey have signed me for I...’ Oh dear KP; if only you hadn’t been in shocking form, maybe you would have been picked.

Still, it’s nice for Surrey fans to know that they’ve got a talented, if slightly wayward, world class batter on their books.

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