It's a conspiracy!!

The president of the Croatian Football Federation has alleged in none-too-subtle terms that English footballers are targeting Croatian players in a bid to derail their World Cup qualification bid, and to make England’s game against them at Wembley next Wednesday easier.

Luka Modric was injured playing for Tottenham Hotspur against Birmingham City at the weekend, the same team who inflicted Eduardo Da Silva with his broken leg in February 2008, and Vlatko Markovic is convinced that it’s some kind of conspiracy. No mention, by the way, that Eduardo is not Croatian at all, but Brazilian.

‘It is terrible what has happened to us,’ said Markovic, showing an appreciation for conspiracies that an Italian would be proud of. ‘Maybe someone has something against us and our national team. In the past year, they have injured Eduardo and now the same has happened to Luka Modric. I can only ask whether someone did it deliberately on the eve of the game with England. I can only ask myself whether it is a coincidence or not.’

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