Learn About The Best Italian Ski Wear On The Market

Skiing is a sport, a hobby and a past time that a large number of the world's population has come to enjoy. Whether it may be skiing competitively or simply skiing on a holiday, the equipment you use will play a big part on your ski experience as a whole. Utilizing proper equipment in skiing, from the boots to the jacket, can significantly improve both performance and safety. As there are numerous brands currently out there making its mark on the world of skiing, it may be difficult to find one which you may be accustomed to. Vuarnet Italian ski wear is one brand that has become a widely accepted and respected brand.

Jean Vuarnet

The owner, Jean Vuarnet, was the Olympic downhill champion held in Squaw-Valley. Jean, as a skier, knew what fellow skiers would want in terms of ski wear, giving him great insight into the industry. Jean has helped develop and establish Vaurnet as a brand of Italian ski wear.

Launching of the Brand

In 1993 The National Union of French Ski Instructors chose this brand to be the official ski wear of the 230 ski schools. Also, in 1998 the Italian Ski Teachers Association and the Italian Ski Instructors Federation signed a partnership agreement making Vuarnet the official supplier of main ski schools in Europe.

Vuarnet Italian Ski Wear

Vuarnet's Italian ski wear products offer qualities that allow the skiers to feel safe and allow them to maintain optimum performance. These qualities are comfort, breathability, incorporation of stretch fabric and moisture resistance. Other qualities which make Vuarnet's product line an excellent choice is UV protection, wind resistance features and the ability to protect the skier from harsh temperatures. Vuarnet creates great quality by using technology and quality raw materials. Their line of equipment provides the skiers with great protection without sacrificing performance. Vuarnet's products also maintain a slick, stylish, and refined image.




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