Italian football back on English telly

ESPN have almost been as busy as Manchester City this pre-season, hoovering up any football they can get their hands on in order to promote their new British channel.

Already they’ve secured the rights to Premier League, Scottish Premier League, German, Dutch and Russian football, and now they’ve got their sleek American mitts all over Italy’s Serie A.

The broadcaster has the rights to broadcast up to three games a week from the land of pizza, pasta and brown envelopes, starting with Milan against Siena on 22 August and city rivals Inter taking on newly promoted Bari the following day.

‘We're very pleased to be able to broadcast the Italian Serie A,’ said ESPN EMEA vice president Jeroen Oerlemans. ‘As one of the best leagues in the world, the live coverage will sit nicely with our Barclays Premier League, Clydesdale Bank Premier League and Bundesliga matches, making the channel the number one stop for football fans around the UK in SD and HD.’

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