'It was too much for us'

Alex Ferguson has been uncharacteristically gracious in defeat after his Manchester United team were given a good going over by Barcelona in the Champions League final in Rome, declaring that it was 'too much' for them to come back from going a goal down early on. Frame these quotes, you might not ever see them again.

'We were well beaten, the better team won and there's nothing we can do about it now,' said Ferguson to the Guardian. 'There's a disappointment in the performance, some individuals will feel it themselves when they look at how they played.'

'The disappointment is that we had to wait several minutes to get the ball off them but then, when we did get it, we didn't use it well enough. It was an off night. We found the mountain too big to climb after going a goal down.

'We knew before the game what a good football team they are and, after the first goal, they just kept possession. They have to be the best at what they do and it's credit to them that they play with that philosophy. They all want to play, they all want to take the ball – it was too much for us.'

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