It was the pitch's fault

You can always rely on a match between Manchester United and Arsenal to generate some top draw whinging. You’ve got two of the game’s premier moaners facing off against each other, and whatever the result, there’s bound to be some snidey nonsense at the end of it.

Last night was no different: United beat Arsenal 1-0 thanks to a first half goal from Ji-Sung Park, and made Arsenal look like the spineless flat-track bullies they’ve always been. However, that wasn’t enough for Arsene Wenger, who blamed the pitch for his side’s poor display and generally sought to play down how weak they looked when faced with a well organised opponent.

‘The intensity was high but it was a very bad pitch,’ said the Frenchman. ‘The technical quality suffered as a result and that's why you saw mistakes from both sides.

‘If I ask you do you want a good pitch or a bad one, what do you say? They made technical mistakes as well because the pitch is not good enough to play good football. It is bouncy and slippery.

‘Overall, you have to give credit to United's defensive quality. We tried everything to create chances. I thought we were unlucky to lose the game, but we have to take encouragement from tonight's performance.’

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