'It was like a lake out there'

Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton could count themselves very lucky that they managed to score points at the weekend's rain-soaked Chinese Grand Prix, which at times looked more like a boat race than a Formula 1 Grand Prix. Button took third and still tops the Driver's Championship, while Hamilton scored an equally creditable sixth place.

'The conditions were crazy,' said Button to the Guardian. 'It was just like a lake in places. I was struggling all the way and the tyres were shuddering because I couldn't get temperature into them. Just finishing this race was an achievement because the car was trying to go off the road every lap.

'I felt like I was really slow trying to miss every river, and the position of these rivers was changing every lap. We've had wet races before but I didn't expect so much aquaplaning everywhere – in the corners, down the straight. There was nothing you could do; it was scary.' 'It was very, very difficult out there,' said Hamilton. 'I was pushing hard and hoping for the best but I made too many mistakes. It was incredibly tough – almost too dangerous to drive. It was fun in the beginning when I had some grip but then I seemed to destroy my tyres very early on and I was aquaplaning all over the place. I'm glad I got some points for the team at the end of this.'

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