It was ****ing emotions

As if the whole sorry saga hadn’t already dragged on long enough, Wayne Rooney has once again explained why he let rip a volley of swear words direct to the nation a couple of weeks back. We’re still at a loss as to why anyone was all that bothered: surely anyone who watches football expects to hear some colourful language, right?

Anyway Rooney has put it all down to ‘emotions’, which is an explanation you could probably use to justify just about anything. Not that he needs to justify swearing anyway. Make it all stop, please?

‘I didn't realise what I'd done,’ he told talkSPORT. ‘It was just emotions. It was a release of scoring the three goals to get us back in the game. As soon as I realised after the game I apologised as soon as I could. Of course, it was wrong of me to do.

‘But I accept my punishment and you just have to move on. Hopefully the boys can pull through for me on Saturday, and hopefully get to that FA Cup final.’

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