Isn't he dreamy?

Jose Mourinho showed Chelsea fans what they were missing yesterday, as Inter won their fourth successive Serie A title.

They didn't even have to break sweat, as they came into their game against Siena knowing that AC Milan's 2-1 loss at Udinese earlier in the day had already sealed the title. Nevertheless the nerazzuri still stuffed the Tuscans 3-0, while the Inter fans all brought banners along parodying Jose's press conference, in which he mocked Milan, Roma and Juventus for having 'zero titoli' (that's titles, to us Johnny Englishes).

Smouldering Mourinho also said that Inter are close to signing Genoa's on fire Argentine centre-forward Diego Milito, which will no doubt further cement their Serie A dominance. 'Now we can say it. Inter are not too far from getting Milito from Genoa, a striker in top form,' he said to an aroused TV audience.

Next season will be the ture test for him, as the spectre of the European Cup hangs heavily on Inter's shoulders.

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