Isn't he dreamy?

José Mourinho has hailed last night’s 1-0 loss at Barcelona as ‘the most beautiful defeat of my life’, and seeing as it took Inter into to the final of the Champions League for the first time in nearly four decades, it’s easy to see why. Mourinho, who will no doubt be making Chelsea fans weep with regret that he was chucked out of the club a couple of years back.

His Inter side spent almost the entire 90 minutes at the Camp Nou defending the inevitable pressure from Barca, but they were organised perfectly by Mourinho, and despite the late goal, mostly contained the Catalan giants, and over the two legs deserved to go through.

‘For the players, me, the fans, it's the greatest,’ he said, after his manic and frankly hilarious sprint across the Barca pitch. ‘We were a team of heroes. We sweated blood. It's been 38 years since Inter played in the final. This is not a team of young players who can wait 15 years to make the final – they will not have another 10 opportunities to play in one.

‘Against Barcelona, it's difficult with 11 players but with 10, it's an historic achievement to win like this. It's the most beautiful defeat of my life.’

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