Is Woy off to Merseyside?

The Guardian have claimed that Fulham boss Roy Hodgson is one of Liverpool’s chief targets to place Rafael Benitez, who was paid off by Liverpool to leave his post, to the tune of about £6million. If you believe the papers, that is. Both Hodgson and Aston Villa manager Martin O’Neill have been named as potential successors.

The job, whoever takes it on, will be a difficult one. At a time when the club’s owners, Tom Hicks and George Gillett, are trying to flog the club to the first person they can get a halfway decent offer from. As yet no-one has come in for the £600-£800million that the two Americans value the club at, and it looks as though that whoever comes in will have basically no transfer budget. Meanwhile Kenny Daglish, who won the league title as player-manager at Liverpool before retiring due to stress, has taken temporary charge of team affairs.

This would suit a manager like Hodgson down to the ground, who did great things with a small budget at Fulham last season, taking them to within the brink of winning the Europa League and generally being all affable and that. Whether he wants to take on the poison chalice or not is another thing, however.

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