Is this the way to the exit?

Andre Villas-Boas is looking for a new employer. Chelsea’s 1-0 defeat against West Bromwich Albion was the latest dismal result in a disappointing season at Stamford Bridge.

The following morning Villas-Boas was dismissed. The club issued a statement: "The board would like to record our gratitude for his work and express our disappointment that the relationship has ended so early.

"Unfortunately the results and performances of the team have not been good enough and were showing no signs of improving at a key time in the season. The club is still competing in the latter stages of the Uefa Champions League and the FA Cup, as well as challenging for a top-four spot in the Premier League, and we aim to remain as competitive as possible on all fronts. With that in mind we felt our only option was to make a change at this time."

Asked after the game if he still had the support of the owner Roman Abramovich, Villas-Boas had said, "You will have to ask the owner."

That will be a "no" then. To be fair to Villas-Boas, he faced a tricky period of transition. Experienced players like John Terry, Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba need to be replaced, but are naturally resistant to the process. They have so much influence in the Chelsea dressing-room that the manager’s job was made impossible.

"If I didn't believe I was the right person I wouldn't have come," Villas-Boas had said. While Chelsea search for the next right person, Roberto Di Matteo will take charge of the first team.

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