Is this the birth of goal line technology?

It looks as though goal-line technology has been forced back onto Fifa’s agenda, which given the furore surrounding Frank Lampard’s incomprehensively disallowed goal against Germany (as well as Carlos Tevez’s incomprehensively allowed opening goal against Mexico) is hardly a surprised.

Fifa have said that this World Cup is going to the last one under the current refereeing system, and general secretary Jerome Valcke said that Lampard’s ghost goal being shown on TV replays was a ‘bad day’ for the organisation.

‘We're talking about a goal not seen by the referee which is why we are talking about new technology,’ said Valcke. ‘Let's see if this system will help or whether giving the referee an additional four eyes will give him the comfort and make duty easier to perform. I would say that it is the final World Cup with the current refereeing system.

‘The teams and the players are so strong and so fast. The game is different and the referees are older than all the players. The game is so fast, the ball is flying so quickly, we have to help them and we have to do something and that's why I say it is the last World Cup under the current system.’

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