Is that wise?

Okay, so King Kev has recruited Dennis Wise to help out with things on Tyneside – mainly looking after the youth team and scouting, as far as we can make out. Good move from Kev? Who cares?

What got us thinking, though, was how come Dennis Wise is only 41 years old. We pictured him, mentally, at around 48 or 49 years young. He’s one of those players who seems to have been around forever and therefore, one assumes, is older than they actually are. For instance, Michael Owen – former world-class striker – is only 28. You could be excused for thinking he was a lot older – especially when that monotonous drone starts up when he begins speaking.

Footballers, like no other celebrities, seem to mask their age without even trying. Look at Teddy Sheringham: still playing and (unbelievably) only 56 – or is it 57?

(Image: from YouTube)

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