Ireland football jersey on sale!

Looking for an Ireland football jersey? Good news! We can help you find one online. There are some great deals on the Irish football kit online so let's see what's on offer.

We found that the best place to buy them has to be from the official FAI website. While they might be a little dearer than other online stores you are guaranteed the real deal. They are still about €15 cheaper than they are in the shops though so it's still well worth buying online. Hit up the faishop.com website and let's get you kitted out.

The FAI shop has all of 2011 kits on display for your viewing pleasure. Whether it's a home kit, away kit or goal keeper gear you are looking for, the FAI shop has got you covered.

The home away and goalkeeper jerseys are all the same price in adult sizes. They come in at €60.00 with socks at €10.00 and shorts at €25.00. When you move into kids sizes the outfield jerseys are €45.00 and the goalkeeper is a little more expensive at €55.00, other than that the prices are the same.

If you want them for a little cheaper you can always hit up the ebay.ie website. You can get these kits for a lot less here but you won't be guaranteed that they are official so it can be a little risky.

The 2011 Ireland football jersey is available online at great prices so be sure to check out the suggested websites.

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