Ireland beat England at Cricket World Cup

Ireland embarrassed England in the Cricket World Cup yesterday, with the boys in green somehow managing to overcome an impressive English innings, and give their Anglo cousins their first bloody nose in the process.

They won thanks mostly to Kevin O’Brien, who hit 113 off 63 balls, helping the Irish recover from 111-5 to make the 328 target set by England in their innings. It was the fastest century in World Cup history, and O’Brien himself could hardly believe himself how well he had played.

‘That's a long way the best innings I have ever played,’ he said. ‘In fact, I think everybody is going to struggle to beat that innings. I will take a few fines for saying that, a few raps back home but I'll keep saying it all night. A hundred off 50 balls. In a World Cup. In front of a billion people and against England under lights, it just doesn't get any better.’

‘I used to try to play like that in the back garden with my brother Niall but if I hit it like that back then I was out.’

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