Inzamam to retire after South Africa Test

Pakistani cricket legend Inzamam ul Haq lifted the spirits of Test bowlers everywhere when he recently announced his imminent retirement from the game. Scourge of bowling attacks all over the world, Inzamam chalked up over 11,000 one-day runs and looks set to eclipse the Pakistani all-time Test runs record (8832) of Javid Miandad. He only needs to score more than 20 in two innings in his last Test against South Africa.

As Pakistan captain, Inzamam was at the centre of the row over the infamous Test match at the Oval in 2006. It was the first to be forfeited in the game’s history, after the umpires decided the Pakistan attack had tampered with the ball. An affronted Inzamam told his players not to retake the field after tea and he forfeited the match.

His glorious strokeplay is, however, how most cricket fans will like to remember him. That and his rather fetching beard.

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