Inventing the perfect sport

Frankly, some of our more well-established sports – football, cricket, curling – can be a little bit light on entertainment value. You see, no matter how much talent is on display, sometimes sporting encounters can be boring. Anyone watching Chelsea play at home last season will vouch for that.

So what would make the perfect sport? It would have to be quick – offering constant end-to-end action and very few interruptions to the exciting ebb and flow of the game. Our dream sport would be physical but skilful too, so you couldn’t just be big to be good at it. And it would have to have aggression, passion and the occasional knuckle-fest to get our blood really pumping. Toss in a healthy smattering of guaranteed goalmouth action and you’d have invented the perfect spectator sport.

Actually someone already has… Ladies and germs, we give you ice hockey. Watch the Stanley Cup once and you’ll watch it ever more.

(Image: from John Griffiths’ flickr stream)

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