The Snooker World Championships wouldn’t be the same place without Steve Davis there, missing crucial and easy pots, before popping back into the punditry booth with Hazel Irvine and John Parrot to have the mick royally taken out of him (secretly Parrot is venting all his pent up jealousy from the 80s). With the passing years Davis’ time at the Crucible will surely soon come to an end, but for now The Nugget is roll once more, as he qualified for this year’s event, his 30th. Hooray!

Davis soundly thrashed Adrian Gunnell 10-4 in the final qualifying round, taking the first session 6-1 and never looking back from there. The same can’t be said for two-time finalist Matthew Stevens, who was beat 10-9 by Marcus Campbell, and who now hasn’t qualified for two seasons in a row.

‘I'm delighted. I felt like a player today,’ said Davis. ‘I was really fired up and played half decent. It's my competition and Stephen (Hendry) knows about it. If he wants to carry on playing he's got to beat me turning up at the Crucible. He's now got to be there at 53. He's the best player there's ever been in my opinion but I've still got one record he's going to find hard to beat.

‘That's my driving force and I've put another year on it now. Every appearance is special. No-one can guarantee you'll ever be there again. It's massive, so exciting.’

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