Well, well well. Last night Barcelona, the supposed best team in the world, with the supposed best player in the world, came unstuck against the sheer physical and tactical might of Jose Mourinho’s Internazionale side, losing 3-1 at the San Siro and giving themselves an uphill battle for the return leg at the Camp Nou.

Goals from Wesley Sneijder, Maicon and Diego Milito tipped the tie in the Italian Champion’s favour after they fell behind to Pedrito’s goal, but Barca bemoaned the officials not giving what looked to be stone-wall penalty late in the second half, when Sneijder’s lunge from behind looked to half caught Dani Alves inside the Inter area. However, Mourinho had a rather different perspective on the situation.

‘It's a pity. A year ago Chelsea were crying and Barca were laughing with the referee,’ said Mourinho, in a frankly beautiful parting shot. ‘They laughed because he denied my Chelsea boys their rightful place.’

‘Barca went on to the final (last year) and went on to win everything,’ said Mourinho. ‘The league, the Champions League, Super Cups, the Club World Cup, six trophies in total. I don't feel that the referee influenced the outcome of this game, no. It's a pity he gave an offside against Diego Milito at the start when he was onside, but that's all.

‘It gives me great pride to say that we could go to Madrid to play the final or we will come home from Barcelona with our heads held high. We've beaten the best team in the world and now Inter are a great Champions League team. If we don't win it this year, we'll win it next year or in two years time.’

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