Inter set to bid £40million for Gareth Bale

Last night Twitter was ablaze with news of a earth-shattering Guardian exclusive, a piece of transfer news that would shake the world of football to its core, and surely blast the Richard Keys and Andy Gray scandal off the back pages. So we waited, and waited, and waited until half five yesterday evening... and were kind of let down by the hype, really.

Not that Internazionale bidding £40million for Gareth Bale in the summer isn’t a decent scoop, you understand, but that hyping up the story as though the world would never recover was a bit of a silly tactic. First off, we’re over five months away until the end of the season, so a bid (not a deal) in the summer isn’t that big a deal. Second, since when was Inter bidding massive sums of money for hot prospects news?

Obviously should Inter actually put money on the table and start aggressively pursuing the exciting young Welshman then consider our flabber gastered, but up until that point there isn’t really anything to write about. Tottenham’s rivals will probably be happy to hear that bigger clubs are circling around him with fat chequebooks, though.

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