It was the biggest media hoo-ha since phone calls were made to a much-loved and forgotten comedic actor, and now the Richard Keys & Andy Gray sexism-storm has taken another turn.

The Guardian are reporting that the footballing pundits have signed a deal with radio station TalkSport. The duo will both front-up the weekday show 10am-1pm and start as soon as February 14th which is Valetines Day, somewhat ironically.

Talking about his new position Keys said ‘we are delighted to be joining the TalkSport family and can't wait to get started.’ Whilst Gray said; ‘I can't tell you how excited I am to be joining TalkSport. It's a wonderful opportunity for Richard and I to do what we do best and that's talk about sport.’

TalkSport is also the new home for a certain Mr Russell Brand. So much for those who said ‘it’s never nice to see anyone lose their jobs’ - all press is clearly good press.

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