In the big time

Amir Khan could be headed for the fight of a lifetime against Floyd Mayweather after his thrilling battle with Marcos Maidana.

Khan survived some terrifying shots from one of the hardest hitters boxing has to offer, but came through to win on points and retain his WBA light-welterweight title on Saturday night. Now the world has sat up and taken notice of the Bolton lad that they used to say had no chin, and they’re lining him up for the biggest challenges there are in the fight game.

A lot will depend on whether Mayweather is even available to fight, given that he’s up on domestic violence charges, but the fact that he’s even being mentioned in the same breath as him means that the people that count in boxing consider him a serious contender.

A lot of people say 'Amir has no chin', but I proved I have,’ said Khan. ‘Everyone knows Maidana is a big hitter. But I went in there, was hit by the best shots, and came back stronger.

‘I have to say Maidana's a warrior, he never took a step back and it shows that I've got a lion's heart. At times I was hurt, but I had to dig deeper and that's boxing for you.

‘I've been hit by a guy who has 29 wins, 27 knockouts, and I've taken his best shots. That's why I'm such a seller at arenas and I'm such a great fighter - because I fight with heart and I've got skill. It was getting a little easier for Maidana, but I just had to start focusing again because I was getting caught with stupid shots.

‘At the end of the day this is boxing. If you go into a shower you're going to get wet; if you go into a boxing ring you're going to get hit with some shots. And I came back stronger.’

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