I'm staying

Carlo Ancelotti is coming under increasing pressure as his Chelsea team continue to struggle with their form, but even after last night’s embarrassing defeat at Wolverhampton Wanderers he is convinced that he won’t be sacked.

The Blues went down 1-0 at relegation strugglers Wolves last night, a result which leaves them fifth in the league and more or less out of the race for the title. But despite worries that they might not even qualify for the Champions League, the Italian said that he would be surprised if he was given his P45.

‘I would be surprised (to be sacked),’ said Ancelotti. ‘Obviously it is not my decision. I hope that I can continue this job because I would like to stay here and I have a good relationship with the players and with the club.

‘We have to maintain confidence. At this moment it's very easy to lose confidence, think it's not a good season, but we can fight for a lot of things. Nothing is lost at the moment.

‘Obviously it's difficult to come back in the Premier League but we have the FA Cup and the Champions League, and the most important thing now is to move on. We have to keep fighting for the title. But you can say now that the gap is not so good. There is a big gap.’

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