I'm sorry

Raymond Domenech hasn’t exactly had the easiest World Cup: derided by the press and public, called a son of a b**** by one of his star players and generally made to look like a fool by all and sundry. To cap it off his French side crashed out bottom of a group containing South Africa, Mexico and Uruguay, and it will go down as one of the worst French teams of all time. Nice.

Still, despite managing to make England look like they’re having a successful World Cup (as well as giving the Irish a bloody good laugh in the process), and generally being public enemy number one over there, Raymond says he is sorry to the French people for what they saw in South Africa, even if they were expecting it (which they were).

‘I feel great sadness at what has happened, not only for myself but for the French people,’ he said. ‘We wasted too much energy (in the bust up before the match). It is not the time for settling accounts.

‘A word for the French people? Just to say that I am sad, that this team has real potential, I wish good luck to my successor. I love the France team. It will not die, it will continue forever. It has all the ingredients to succeed.’

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