I'm ready

Vitali Klitschko has agreed to give David Haye the fight everyone in boxing wants to see - as long as the money is right.

The Ukrainian has said that he is ‘ready any minute to sign a 50-50 contract’ with Haye, which would see them split a likely £50million windfall and unify the WBA and WBC titles. There is no news on Vitali’s younger brother Wladimir however, who is instead defending his IBF and WBO belts against Londoner Dereck Chisora.

‘We are both world champions, so let's fight,’ Vitali told Radio 5 Live. ‘Let's make the fight in the spring time – I'm ready, the question is for David Haye. I hear about the great venue of Madison Square Garden for this fight, but I'm ready to fight in Germany, the United States or Great Britain, wherever the most money is on the table.

‘David Haye is a great talker. But the question is, is he a good fighter? If he is a good fighter, he should sign the contract.’

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