I'm not anti-Glazer

David Beckham has claimed that he isn’t anti-Glazier, despite putting on the green and gold scarf that is symbolising Manchester United fans’ protest against them after the game last night. Beckham’s Milan side were humiliated 4-0 by United in the Champions League, and one of the biggest cheers of the night was reserved for Beckham’s cameo appearance towards the end. Afterwards he applauded both sets of fans and took a scarf from someone in the stands, but offered no opinion on the appalling job the Glazers have done with the club’s finances.

‘It’s the old colours of United but, to be honest, it’s not my business,’ he said, disappointingly. ‘I’m a United fan and I support the club. I always will, but it's got nothing to do with me how it's run. That's all to do with other people. I just support the team. I will always support the team.’

Elsewhere, we were treated to the hilarious spectacle of Real Madrid being knocked out of the Champions League at the last 16 stage for the sixth season in a row, this time by Lyon, who drew 1-1 at the Santiago Bernabéu, humiliating Cristiano Ronaldo, Kakà and co, and hopefully puncturing the level of hubris that infests that club. Probably not, mind you.

With Lyon through and Bordeaux almost certain to beat Olympiakos next week, it looks like French football is on the up.

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