'I'm literally not Wolfgang Stark'

Few football pundits divide opinion like Andy Townsend: either you think he’s a gibbering know-nothing with a funny shaped-head, or you don’t watch ITV’s football coverage. However, not even Townsend himself could have imagined being mistaken for the blundering doofus Wolfgang Stark, who refereed Wednesday’s Champions League El Classico.

The former Chelsea and Aston Villa midfielder was having dinner with his ITV colleagues after the game when the locals started giving him funny looks, and talking to him aggressively in Spanish and even booing him. Maybe they were outraged by the thought of his tactics truck escapades.

‘I went into a restaurant and was eating when I noticed people looking at me,’ said Townsend. ‘Some of them started taking pictures and then someone came and gave me a pot plant, saying, 'This is for you,' with a funny look on his face (we still haven’t worked out what this is supposed to mean - Ed).

‘There were 10 of us around the table thinking, 'What is going on here?' When I stood up I got booed and when I went to the loo I got followed there and back. A waiter escorted me to my seat... I didn't know why!"

‘Then people came up to me, talking aggressively in Spanish and there was a man shouting at me from the other side of the restaurant. It was all getting out of control. Then it dawned on me. Because I still had my UEFA accreditation around my neck they thought I was the referee. To them I was Wolfgang Stark! So I had to turn around and tell them I was from English television.’

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