I'm innocent

Snooker player Stephen Maguire has said that he think he will be cleared of any match-fixing allegations, and is in fact looking forward to the day when he doesn’t have people questioning his integrity. The world number two was questioned by police last year about irregular betting patterns after a match against his friend Jamie Burnett in 2008.

‘As far as I know, the investigation is still ongoing,’ said Maguire. ‘I don't know if I will get a call to say they're no longer investigating, but that's what I'm expecting.

‘It's not nice to be in the papers for the wrong reasons. I am lucky in a way that I am thick skinned. When I am on the table, it doesn't bother me.

‘It kind of bothered me when I was winning matches in the world championship last year and all people wanted to talk about was the police at my door. Any time that Stephen Maguire wins a snooker match, it seems to start off a bit of controversy for some reason and I just look forward to that ending and starting to talk about snooker again.’

There have been other allegations of corruption within the game since then, most notably with Stpehen Lee, who was arrested last month after another investigation into dodgy betting. Let’s hope for Steve Davis’s sake that they clean up this godforsaken town.

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