I'm Froching hard, me

Carl Froch has called out Joe Calzaghe once again after he knocked out Jermain Taylor in front of a packed house at the Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut. The Nottingham fighter put the American down with only 14 seconds left in the final round to retain his WBC Super Middleweight title, and now he wants to tempt the Welshman out of retirement.

'We can sit down with Joe,' said his promoter Mick Hennessey. 'We can make him a partner in the show. It's good business. Joe is top of the list because we all know in Britain, world-class domestic fights, that's what it's all about. There's a big rivalry there, it's been built up over years. Carl was a dangerous, unbeaten, hungry mandatory for Joe, and he didn't face him, whereas Carl took on Jermain Taylor as his mandatory.

'He needs to come back and fight Carl, I honestly believe that. He kept using the excuse about nobody in America knowing Carl. Well, I tell you what, everyone in America knows him now. You can't have a better debut on American soil in a world-title fight than that.'

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