'I'm expecting some stick'

So after all that build-up, all that hype, and above all David Haye's trash talk, Saturday night's big fight was a complete lesson for the south Londoner, with Wladimir Klitschko comfortably out-boxing his gobby rival.

The Ukrainian easily took a points decision in what ended up being a completely underwhleming spectacle, which shows that for all his talk, Haye isn't the boxer that he thinks he is (or thought? Hopefully after such a beating he'll sit down and rethink his career). In fact, the man himself is expecting some abuse from people who were eiher hyped-up into thinking he had a chance, and those who are glad he got showed up.

'I'm expecting the stick and I won't take it personally,' Haye said. 'There will have been a lot of people hoping that I lost. They can have a little smile and feel glad about it but I know I did the best I could.

'(There were) lots of little things in the build-up, silly little things, but it has a bearing. For instance, when we came out on the ring walk we thought we were going to go down the path with the barriers but for some reason we were directed by his people to walk down the crowd. They tried to tell us we couldn't bring our own security, and made a song and dance about it. But we insisted on it and if I hadn't had my security I would have been squashed.

'I had people trampling on my toe on the way to the ring. Why didn't they send us the right way, through the barricades? They did it to unsettle me. I tried to put it to the back of my mind.'

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