I'm definitely a good player

As if it wasn’t enough that Usain Bolt had been given what has been reported as the biggest ever sponsorship deal in the history of track and field, the Jamaican lightning bolt has said that after four more years of sprinting domination (and hopefully a time of 9.4sec) he will try his hand at football. But not as a centre forward, amazingly.

‘I have four more good years me if I train hard,’ Bolt told Sportsweek programme. ‘When I finish I'd like to play football for two years. I always watch those guys and I think I could be a professional footballer. I'll try that.

‘Maybe I could get into a good side or even an average side. I'm definitely a good player – a defensive or attacking midfielder. Somewhere around there. First I'm hoping I get be the one to get to 9.4sec because that's where I think the record will probably never be beaten.’

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