I'll sue everybody

Barry Hearn and Leyton Orient are on the war path: ever since West Ham and Tottenham Hotspur started fighting over who would take the Olympic site at Stratford fans of the club have been kicking up a fuss about what might happen to them should either club move a mile away from their Brisbane Road ground, but their FA Cup draw with Arsenal has put that into sharp focus.

The club are rightly worried that West Ham moving onto their patch will take fans away from them, which could force a club in an already tricky financial position into ruin. Hearn has threatened to ‘sue everyone’, but has revealed that the club could be helped out by local council Waltham Forest, who have apparently offered to help the club build a new ground in nearby Eton Manor, still within the borough’s boundaries.

‘For the first time I actually felt a glimmer of hope,’ Hearn said following his meeting with the leader of Waltham council Chris Robbins. ‘It was totally their idea. They don't want to lose us. In a way the benefits of this FA Cup run have crystallised their thinking on what's important to their community. At the moment I'm keeping all my options open – and threatening to sue everybody.

‘They would be very wise to consider their position at this stage. If they rubber-stamp West Ham's move now we'll have a judicial review and the court will say: 'Show us the evidence where you've considered Leyton Orient because they have a legal right to be considered.' But there isn't any evidence because they haven't made one inquiry. So they are, seriously, up the swannee.

‘What really annoyed me was the total lack of respect from everybody – the Premier League, the Football League, the mayor of London, the government, the Olympic Legacy people. Because there are problems with the Olympic legacy they think they've got a solution with West Ham – who are obviously going to take it at any price. They're rather be sweeping us under the carpet. But no one has made one enquiry as to how this is going to affect us. With 130 years of tradition and the award-winning community schemes we operate, we deserve more.’

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