I'd do it again, says Floyd Mayweather

Over the weekend we outed Floyd Mayweather as a sucker-punching scumbag, after he scumbaggily sucker-punched Victor Ortiz in the fourth round of Saturday night's big fight to knock out his opponent and win. Well now it appears that not only was he happy that he did it, but that he'd do it again. Nice.

Mayweather clocked Ortiz after the latter had been punished for head-butting the former. The pair had touched gloves, and while Ortiz was talking to referee Cortez he was clumped two times by Mayweather, leaving him on his backside after the 10-count.

'If he feels that there was a fluke or it didn't get done, I'll give him a rematch,' said an unrepentant Mayweather. 'He's a still a champion in my eyes, tough guy … and I'd do the same thing again.

'You gotta protect yourself at all times. I got hit with a head-butt, I got hit with elbows. I didn't cry and complain. I done what I had to do as a fighter. I didn't say my mouth was split open and cut inside. So, keep it clean. We touched gloves. Once we touched gloves, it's fight time.

You wanna be dirty and two minutes later it's, like, you wanna be friends? It's the hurt business. It's boxing.'

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