Ibrahimovic wants Messi to join PSG in January transfer window

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is telling anyone who’ll listen that he’s pleased with PSG’s form over the first half of this season and he’s made it clear that the side’s results are down to PSG’s “collective quality” rather than any one individual’s performances, but he’s not been shy when the question of reinforcements comes up in the French media.

PSG are league leaders in Ligue 1 and are making themselves real contenders for this season’s Champions League title but the outspoken forward wants more. “Everything's going in the right direction and I'm delighted. We play very good football, we have the ball, we create chances. We've progressed well and quickly. The team has come on very quickly in the right direction.”

Despite his assertions that PSG are playing “very good football” Imbrahimovic wants more from PSG. “PSG's project is to dream bigger but if you buy Messi, you don't dream bigger, you are bigger.” The French side’s current top player doesn’t have any insider knowledge when he makes these comments. “I don't know the situation but I think he's very happy at Barcelona. The press creates this but only he knows the truth." But he added, “If he's up for sale then the whole world will be after him, not just PSG."

Since PSG were taken over by their current Qatari backers players like Lucas Moura, Thiago Silva, David Beckham and Edinson Cavani have arrived at the club. All brought with them press attention and footballing ability. Last season the Paris based side reached the quarter finals of the UEFA Champions League but failed to progress thanks to Lionel Messi’s Barcelona side. They are France’s current champions and look likely to repeat that this season but winning domestic competitions won’t be enough to satisfy their big money backers. If they buy Lionel Messi they won’t get a guarantee of results but his class and ability will mix well with the existing side.

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