Ian Poulter says…

All the conservative golf journos are wryly laughing into their gin-and-slimlines today at the recent comments made by Ian Poulter to Golf Magazine.

Basically, Poulter – an all-right player most notable for his sartorial Tourettes – says when he hits top form it’ll just be him and Woods vying for big tournaments.

You’ve got to admire his balls – he plays Titleist XL Platinum, we believe.

Anyway, the fuddy-duddies are all-of-a-lather that his (admittedly) cocky claims will make him the laughing stock of the tour. If these so-called professional commentators on the sport paid more attention, they would notice that Poulter’s outlandish costumes suggest he couldn’t give a four-iron what anyone thinks of him.

Go, Poults!

(Image: from R’eyes flickr stream)

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