Ian Bell - not happy

Ian Bell echoed the thoughts of millions of England fans yesterday when he showed just how unsatisfied he was with their batting performance. Bell hit a decent 72 yesterday, but despite being 176-2 finished the day 307-8 after a series of poor dismissals and insipid batting.

This morning England have already been bowled out on what is a pitch made for decent spinners, but Bell doesn’t think the conditions are any excuse for the poor show.

‘If you're going to be critical, we've only made one hundred in this series so far and that's not good enough,’ he said. ‘We probably were in a position to make more of the innings, but we've got 300 on the board and that's a good thing on this pitch, which looks like it's taking a lot of spin already.

‘This feels like there's more likely to be a result than some of the pitches we've had in the past here. It feels like a day-three wicket, almost sub-continental. There's usually more pace and bounce, so it'll be interesting to see whether it deteriorates. We've got Graeme Swann, who will hopefully make the most of these conditions. It's right in the balance and it looks like it could be a great Test match.’

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