Ian Bell: 'I was a bit naive'

England are looking good for victory in the second Test against India at Trent Bridge today, after a stunning day and a half at the crease, in which they racked up 544 runs and built a lead of 478 for India to chase. As it stands now India are already four wickets down, and with the rest of today and all of tomorrow left they will have to pull out the innings of a lifetime to save the match.

However it wasn't always going to be so: yesterday Ian Bell's innings almost came to an unsavoury end when he walked off the pitch, mistakenly thinking that Eoin Morgan had hit a four and that it was time for tea. As he walked from the crease India fielder Praveen Kumar – who also thought the ball had gone for four – returned the ball, after which point the bails were removed and Bell was given out. England went mad, the crown booed and whistled as the teams left the field, and the whole series looked to have been poisoned by both Bell's stupidity and India's alertness, as well as the umpires' inability to control the game. Bell was at 137 at the time, and after discussions at tea, he was re-instated at the resumption of play, much to the delight of the England fans. Bell went on score 159, and helped England build a lead that is now looking impossible to reach.

'I take some of the blame. To walk off was very naive, a bit stupid,' he said. 'Looking back, it was probably a bit naive on my part to automatically walk off but the right decision has been made for the good of the game.

'I put my bat down after the third run and it looked like we were just meandering off for tea. Turning around, the umpire took his jumper out and started to walk towards the bowler and it all just looked like it was going towards tea. We were both a bit shocked, we didn't really realise what had happened until we were halfway off.

'I didn't know until the last minute that I would be going back out again but the way it's been handled has been fantastic and in the spirit of the game. I've learned a lot of lessons. I won't ever do that again.'

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